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My Connected Farm is a new Web-based solution for growers and agribusinesses to access and manage mapping applications, precision farming data, vehicle performance and movement. Using a password protected website, a single user or multiple users can access their information when connected to the Internet.


Precision Ag Data Features:

My Connected Farm allows users to sign on and upload field and office data to access, manage, view, and print information and maps collected by precision agriculture hardware such as the Trimble® FmX®.

The new portal will also be compatible with the Office Sync service. Office Sync provides wireless transfer of data between the field and office making it possible to instantly view collected data from Web browsers for timely management decisions.


  • Display Bing™ Maps for background imagery overlaid with current or historical data
  • Build a list of client/farm/field/input names which can be synchronized with a Trimble CFX-750™ display or the FmX integrated display
  • View data such as yield, coverage, and other maps with legend
  • Print a map or task report summarizing activities
  • Manage guidance lines from the CFX-750 display or FmX integrated display


Vehicle Manager Features:

My Connected Farm will also serve as the gateway for Vehicle Manager, Trimble’s telematics solution. Vehicle Manager provides up-to-date fleet management information, a virtual dashboard of cab monitors, fuel usage, engine reporting, and performance analysis. Managers can also create geo-fences to guard against theft or provide alerts when vehicle operators enter non-farming zones.


My Connected Farm is expected to be available in Spring 2012 by using

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