January 20, 2012 03:56PM
After installing the update, after opening FW's it takes a little longer, since it is connecting to the Internet to check for updates on FW programs and FODD files. If you think the computer is not repsonding and they try to open FW again you will get this message. Shut down the computer (not a restart). When back at reg. desktop with no more hour glass displaying only do one double left click on FW Icon and wait. Give the computer/internet time to respond. I suspect you will be taken to a screen (or maybe check the task bar at bottom) for a button that will show Check for updates. I recommend that the first time to not check anything and click OK. This will then allow FW to open correctly. If you do not want FW to check for updates each time you open the program, after opening the desired project, go to the Help Menu and select Check for update. Remove the checkmark from Check for updates at Start up. Keep in mind, if you de-activate this option, you should check periodically the Help - Check for updates to see if any new FW versions would be found.


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improper shutdown

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