April 13, 2012 12:00PM
Feeding animals in "Stock" does not sync or link back to Funds automatically. Never has. Just as Weight adjustments in "Stock" do not link back to Funds automatically.

I am assuming that you have Funds due to the fact you are trying to trace back to inventory.

The proper procedure for these transactions is to make the feeding transaction in "Funds", to the group in question from the Input tree tab. Upon doing this feeding in Funds, inventory is removed in Funds and when you record the transaction the program will ask you if you want to record the transaction in "Stock" in which you will want to say yes.

Stock is a stand alone program with lots of these capabilities. But when Funds is also available and installed as an integrated part of the program, some of these capabilities are primarily functions of Funds, such as feeding, weighing, locations, etc.
True, you can still feed in Stock, but due to no link between Stock and Funds for this because the feeding is now a primary function of Funds, the feeding is meant to be performed in Funds, with a link to Stock in order to maintain the transaction record for the selected animals.

Some of these functions are only a one-way transaction from Funds to Stock. They are not a two-way transaction.
A good way to view these types of transactions is by right clicking on a "Group" of Animals in the Input tab within Funds. You will see that Birth, Death, Feed, Transfer, are primary transaction options available. These must be done in Funds first and will sync with Stock upon completion. But they will not sync with Funds when they are performed in Stock.

So if you feed them in Stock, you will also have to feed them in Funds and say "No" to the Stock sync window.

My experiance and understanding. & $.02.



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