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Farm Works has released Version 2013.  Some of the major additions to the office solutions include:


  • Advanced Guidance Line Management - Available in Surface for planning and managing guidance lines for planting, record as-driven lines, and distribution of lines for harvest. This feature allows you to take lines from another source (such as elevation contours created with the Surface Levee Tool) and generate parallel lines that can be used for planting and other functions. You can then take as planted (and other lines) and automatically create row lines that can be used for applications that are done on a row by row basis. This functionality is particularly useful for sugarcane farms and requires version 6.6 of the Trimble FmX display.


  • Guidance Line Integration Between Trimble and CNH Displays
    • Create, edit, and delete Straight and Curved A/B lines.
    • Exchange guidance lines between CNH (Pro600, 700, & Intelliview) and Trimble® displays (FmX, CFX & EZ-Guide 500).


  • Support for CNH Trip Computer Data


  • Reading CNH Data through the “Data Repository”


  • Support for the Connected Farm™ App - Available in Mapping for wireless syncing of data from the free Connected Farm app.  Use your smartphone to map field boundaries, flag points of interest, and collect scouting information while displaying that information in Farm Works Mapping.

  • Enterprise Statement Quick Click - Available in Mapping and/or Accounting for quick access to the field enterprise statement reports through the client/farm/field interface.

  • Additional Support for the CFX-750™ Display - CFX-750 display version 3.0 or later is now supported using the Mapping software.  The attributes appear in the Job Summary report and can be edited using the Notes button in the Job Properties dialog.

  • Enhanced Profile View - When editing a completed drainage line layer in Surface, the profile view does not show the pipe profile for any section that has been moved. Additionally, the Surface profile will not appear if a line is moved outside an area where elevation data is available.

  • Split by Percent Using Templates - Available in Accounting for splitting allocations amounts by percent for reoccurring transactions.  Useful for utility bills where the total amount changes monthly but the percent of allocation for farm versus non-farm stays the same.

To view additional features in Version 2013, please click here


To download version 2013, click here.  In order to download the latest version, you must be subscribed to the Update Service Plan (USP).  If you are not subscribed to the USP, you can order one by utilizing the Farm Works Store or by calling 1-800-225-2848.

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