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Farm Works has released Version 2012.  Some of the major additions to the office solutions include:


  • Harvested Crop Sales Contracts - Enter contracts and print reports to better manage the position of your unsold crops as well as to manage delivery on contracts.


  • Attach Invoices and Receipts to Transactions – Attach any number of files (such as scanned invoices & check stubs) to each transaction.


  • Automatic Entry of Vendor Amounts When Printing 1099-Misc Forms– Enters the total amount paid to vendors (who are marked as "1099 Required" in the Contact Properties) in Box 1 - Rents of the 1099 - Misc.


  • Variety Layer - Converts planting data into polygons so that these maps can be sent out to variety locator features on supported displays including the Trimble® FmX®.

  • Yield Variety Report - Enables you to take a yield map and merge it with the variety layer to better understand which varieties performed better.

  • Copy of Attributes for Lines, Polygons, and Points - Allows the ability to copy attributes of a line, polygon, and point from one layer to another.

  • 3D Drainage Design and Verification Capability - Layout and design drainage tile by size, pipe type, phase, then enter the minimum depth, maximum depth, and optimum grade for each. Make adjustments based on profile view as needed and set and change water outlet direction.

  • Bing Maps – Display Microsoft® Bing™ imagery for the entire world.  As you zoom in on an area, the program will automatically load higher resolution imagery for that area.

  • Electronic Submission of Crop Insurance Data– Available in Mapping for submitting crop insurance data electronically to Great American Insurance Company.

  • Support for Case IH or New Holland Variety Locator

  • Support for Case IH or New Holland Field Boundaries and Guidance Maps

To view additional features in Version 2012, please click here


To download version 2012, click here.  In order to download the latest version, you must be subscribed to the Update Service Plan (USP).  If you are not subscribed to the USP, you can order one by utilizing the Farm Works Store or by calling 1-800-225-2848.

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