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Indy Family Farms in Greenwood, Indiana is staying more connected with their precision ag data.  They are a fifth generation farm that managed 1200 acres in 1996 and have expanded 10-fold today, covering five counties southwest of Indianapolis.  The farm has struggled with the logistics of managing data daily because the fields can be over 50 miles away from the home office.  The Connected Farm™ solution was introduced to the farm in Spring 2011 and now plays a big role in their data collection.  Dan Moeller, technology specialist for the farm, handles the farm’s precision ag data and utilizes the Farm Works™ office solutions to analyze and print reports.  Dan states, “The Connected Farm has been a great asset to the farm by streamlining data management, eliminating the need for a physical (USB) storage device delivered to the office for data transfer.  Prior to Connected Farm, it was difficult for us to receive the data from the storage device in a timely manner.  Now when the combine operator completes a harvest job on the Trimble® FmX® display, the data appears on my computer within the hour.”  

Chester Birch, manager of business development of the farm, explained further how Connected Farm was invaluable during fall harvest.  He sees two key benefits of the solution.  “The first benefit of the technology is being able to make adjustments to fertilizer prescriptions the same day a yield map is transferred to the office.  Because I have the yield maps, it allows me to do my job better and the timing allows our applicator to apply the right amount of fertilizer the next day,” says Chester.  The yield maps are nothing more than a map if you don’t have enough time to use them.  The farm has struggled with its precision ag data in terms of timing, but now the Connected Farm solution was able to fill an important void in their operation.

Another key benefit of the Connected Farm solution is data verification.  Because data is quickly sent back to the office, personnel are able to diagnose and fix problems before they become worse.  Chester states, “If I am seeing problems with data within the software, I can make a quick call to the operator to fix it.”  Finding problems and fixing them in a timely manner is very important when using precision ag technology.  Chester recalls a specific example when he had a moisture sensor failure on one of their three combines.  “Just the other day we received some data that had moisture level of zero.  Prior to Connected Farm, we would have had that same problem for multiple fields, but in this situation we were able to contact the operator to fix the problem before starting the next job – priceless technology.”


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