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Hartung Brothers have set the standard for seed corn and vegetable production, ranking 5th in the nation.  As their operation continues to grow, so does the need for technology that allows them to save time and make better management decisions.  Hartung Brothers has been a long time user of Trimble’s precision ag products, especially the FmX® integrated display, EZ-Boom 2010 system, and RTK.  The next logical step for Hartung Brothers involves using wireless data transfer with their existing precision ag equipment.  This allows them to exchange important information including A-B guidance lines, prescription maps, and application data between multiple workers in the field and the farm office to improve access to data while improving their field record keeping in the office.  As the farm continues to grow, better management of field data will be critical.  

Joe Hartung, the farm agronomist and technology specialist, has plenty of experience with precision ag and likes what he sees with Connected Farm.  “We have just started using the technology on spraying jobs and it has already saved me a lot of time with administrative tasks in the office,” Joe says.  In the coming weeks, Hartung Brothers will be utilizing the Connected Farm for managing their planting jobs which require a different level of record keeping.  Joe points out, “Capturing planting locations, dates, and seed populations of the various inbred corn varieties requires the perfect mixture of hardware and software.  Using the Connected Farm will make this valuable data more accessible.”  Hartung Brothers plans to operate three planters at the same time in different fields, and Joe foresees huge benefits with data management through utilizing Connected Farm.  

Another solution Hartung uses on the farm is the Farm Works Mobile software for field mapping and soil sampling.  Farm Works field software can also be used with the Connected Farm for uploading no spray zones, field boundaries, hazards, scouting jobs, or soil sample locations.  These jobs can also be transported via Connected Farm.


For more information about the Connected Farm, please click here.

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