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Farming in Utah can be exciting, yet demanding.  One of the challenges that faces farmers in Green River, Utah, is the lack of precipitation.  Although the average rainfall is a mere 7.11 inches per year, the land is very fertile.  Ryan Thornock, CFO of Green River Companies, manages 7,500 acres (2,500 acres tillable) for growing melons, feed corn, alfalfa, potatoes, wheat, and sweet corn.  The farm is well known for their tasty melons, but water management is always a concern.  The nearby river provides enough irrigated water during the growing season, still there are many challenges.  Ryan points out, “Water isn’t free in Utah, so tracking our costs on the computer is important for better decision making.”

To accomplish their goal, Green River Companies uses Farm Works Software® for their desktop field record keeping, mapping, and accounting software.  “We researched other software, but kept coming back to Farm Works because of their software integration,” says Ryan.  One of the most important features of the software is the enterprise statements on fields, equipment, and livestock groups.  In order to acquire a ‘cost per acre’, the farm needed a system to record field records while in the field.  Writing notes on paper was not an option they wanted to pursue.  The operation purchased a Trimble® Juno™ SC handheld computer and installed it with the Farm Works Mobile software.  Records for planting dates, equipment and supply usage, and irrigation notes can be entered on-the-go.  The operation also plans to expand the use of the Juno SC for soil and leaf sampling.  Leaf sampling is critical for melons because the crop is highly sensitive to certain levels of fertilizer.

Connected Farm™ also plays a key role at Green River Companies.  Data transfer is simplified between the field and office by transferring data wirelessly using cellular technology.  The Juno SC contains a built-in cellular modem that can transmit data from miles away.  Ryan points out, “Data management is much easier with Connected Farm and it allows us to achieve our ultimate goal of tracking our costs better.”  Wireless data transfer also eliminates storage cards, a benefit because the cards rarely make their way back to the office.  And, as an added benefit, Connected Farm secures the raw data on a server away from the office to provide an extra level of data protection.


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