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Chad Gruden, agronomist for Crumbaugh Farms, knows a thing or two about creating variable rate prescription maps in central Michigan. Prior to using Farm Works™ Mapping he used a competing product to create maps for P, K, and lime. A few of the drawbacks of his prior software was the multiple steps in creating maps and the yearly expense of $800 a year to keep the software working. Chad points out, “Farm Works Mapping was less expensive and allowed me to utilize the same formula as the competing program.” One of the advantages of Mapping is the ability to build or utilize existing formulas from other software. Mapping’s user-friendly interface allows the use of simple math in creating a formula specific to the needs of the grower. If you have a formula you want to use from another Farm Works user, sharing is possible by copying the XML file from one computer and pasting it to another. This way you utilize the same formula as your consultant or neighbor.


Chad also claims that Farm Works Mapping is much easier to use than competing products. “Even if you have only used the basic mapping concepts of Farm Works, the formulas offers fewer steps in obtaining a prescription map which is not the case with other software.” Chad is quick to point out that there is still a learning curve; however, there are many training options from online to classroom style. Online training is the newest form of training that offers intense 1 hour sessions from the comfort of your home. Toll-free phone support is also available if customers are subscribed to the Update Service Plan. If those options are not suitable, Chad offers his consulting services if somebody is looking for one-on-one help at their farm.

Another task assigned to Chad is providing key reports on input usage and field profitability. Managing 7000 acres is very challenging, but the software cuts down the work by providing enterprise statements by field and supply usage by crop. Because Farm Works Mapping integrates with the field and financial records, Chad can access reports on the amount of inputs used and where they made and lost money. They also enjoy utilizing the layers feature for overlaying their fertilizer maps on yield maps. “Layers
allow us to see if we are placing the fertilizer and where the yield differs,” says Chad.

Chad sees a lot of opportunity in the future too. “Within the next five years I’d like to have everything running on RTK signal and continue to invest in the new precision ag technology that is coming down the road.” One thing is certain for the future. The farm
will continue to rely on Farm Works to read and write data from multiple precision ag displays so that a complete solution is possible.


For more information about Farm Works Mapping, please click here.

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