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Mike Blashill has enjoyed his recent success with Farm Works and would like to share his experience with others.  He purchased the Farm Works program in 2001 and admitted that other priorities at the time forced him to stop using it.  Mike says, “I had good intentions of using the software, but the timing of the purchase combined with my limited computer experience was just too much to overcome”.  Mike admits that it wasn’t the software’s fault; it was just too easy to go back to the old way of tracking records which involved filing receipts in a plastic container and sorting them before tax season.  

Something drastically changed in 2011.  It was the year Mike decided that managing data was a priority on his farm.  He invested in a Case FM-750 display with an automated steering system and wanted to tie his precision ag data back to his computer.  Additionally, the rising cost of inputs was forcing him to keep better records.  “I needed a way to track my expenses on the computer so that I could see my cost per acre or my financial statements at any time of the year,” states Mike.  So he weighed his options and consulted with Farm Works about updating his software to the current version.  The Update Service Plan (USP) was purchased which included a year of toll-free phone support and software enhancements.  Using the phone for support was great but he didn’t stop there.  Mike quickly realized that training would enable him to learn the software more efficiently so he pursued training with a consultant.  “I just needed to get away from the farm for a few days to avoid the daily distractions and spend the time to learn the software,” says Mike.  This approach seemed to work well for him.  The few days away from the farm allowed him to learn the basic techniques of the software and allowed him to catch up on his records.  

Mike also received training on managing his client/farm/field names from his office software to his FM-750 display.  Last year he was entering the names into the display before each job, but now he has everything available from a drop-down list.  This time saving process will be a big help this spring and allows the data to flow easier from the field to office.  “I knew there was an easier way of managing my field names on the display, but it never crossed my mind that the office software was the important piece to the puzzle.  There is no question that the software training was worth every minute of my time and I strongly recommend others to seek help if they need it.”

Mike Blashill
Croswell, MI

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