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Automatic pipe sizing is now available in the latest version of Farm Works™ Surface software - version 2014.07. The new feature allows contractors and farmers to decrease errors and increase efficiency when designing farm drainage systems.  

Farm Works Surface is an analysis and design tool and a component of the Trimble® WM-Drain® farm drainage solution. The new feature provides recommended drainage pipe sizes for all pipes within a given design, as well as an estimate on cost and material required for the project. With this feature, drainage contractors and farmers can quickly and efficiently produce optimal drainage designs while also reducing project costs. The designs can be imported to in-field drainage equipment for automated installation using the FmX® integrated display.

Diameters are recommended for all pipes within the user’s drainage network based on the terrain, depth, pipe materials available for the project and drainage coefficient, which represents how much water will be drained from a field within 24 hours. The designer has the choice to use the recommended pipe sizes or manually assign different pipe sizes. A chart can be used to see where the pipe is placed (terrain level, maximum depth, recommended depth, pipe size, and length) as well as where constraints need to be modified to ensure optimal performance. The system also provides a report to help determine the required length of pipe, the cost for supplies, and the total system cost.

Benefits of automatic pipe sizing include:

  • Remove excess water from the soil in order to enhance crop yield
  • Decrease errors with a simplified design process that eliminates manual calculation 
  • Achieve cost savings by ensuring the correct size of pipe is installed in the right place in the field


Other new Surface features in version 2014.07 include:

  • View topographic data without a field boundary
  • Utilize the "Lateral Spacing Calculator" to compute recommended spacings between laterals
  • Use separate defaults for mains, sub-mains, and laterals
  • Maintain connections when mains and sub-mains are moved with laterals
  • Expanded user-defined supply property box for adding default colors for each defined pipe size
  • Improvement to the "Pipe-Sizing Summary Report" so it displays the area being drained by each pipe
  • Improvement to "Drainage Report" so that it gives you total feet needed, total number of pipe rolls needed, and the number of connectors required to complete the job
  • Extend and connect one existing section line to another existing section line
  • Clip section lines to field boundaries
  • Edit multiple tile lines at once
  • Support for hiding errors on Profile View
  • Enhanced Profile View so you can click on a spot on the profile and see it on the map
  • Improvement to overall speed


To learn more about how to use automatic pipe sizing, view the FAQ or read the testimonial.


Go to downloads to install version 2014.07.

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