December 08, 2017 08:23AM
On any layer or job under the Red Barn tab, opening the C/F/F and/or Crop Enterprise, right click and select Export. File Type should be Arcview Shape File. Select desired Folder location when clicking the Browse - enter a desired file in one not listed and click Save. Click OK at the Export screen.

If you have done all this and you cannot get the file to import into that ArcMap program, it may be very possible it requires a projection file. Here are some steps you can follow since to we not export that file.

Manually add a prj file which tells the GIS that the data is unprojected degrees with a WGS84 datum.

1. right click on your desktop and create a new text document
2. double click this new document to open it
3. paste in the following text in to one long line:


4. do a "save as" and give you file the exact same name as the other 3 parts of the shape file, but with a .prj extension.

You should then end up with 4 files in the same directory:


If none of this help, you will need to find out from ArcMap what is missing to import.


Kathy Cline,
Trimble Ag Software Support
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From Farm Work Office to ArcMap raster

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Re: From Farm Work Office to ArcMap raster

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