December 08, 2017 08:16AM
Try putting the data into a folder outside that farmproj Directory. Also when browsing you can select the Folder that contains all your C/F/F with dat files now instead of browsing for each .dat file. This can be done in the current vs 2017.06.00.36 along with having the newest PP 20/20 Driver available vs found in the Help - Check for updates-May need to check box to Show all Available Components at bottom. If you have all the above and still crashing, try creating a new blank project and read that data there to check for crash. If it does not crash in a blank project, then could have an issue with the data in your current project. If that is the case, please call our Support line at 800-282-4103 and a technician can setup a case and make arrangements to get your project data uploaded for review.


Kathy Cline,
Trimble Ag Software Support
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Import yield data from Precision

cropreconDecember 06, 2017 04:13PM

Re: Import yield data from Precision

Kathy ClineDecember 08, 2017 08:16AM

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