August 29, 2017 02:36PM
I am trying to write varitey locator setup files to pro700 monitors. I have the data downloaded into farmworks, with the "Variety Map" layer made. When I look at those maps there is color coded information showing me what hybrids are where in each field. I go to write job data, I choose the correct Grower, choose the resources I want, check the box for variety layers to export, and let it run. I get a message about 0 tasks being written to the card along with a succesfully written message. I clear the pro 700 monitor of all growers farms and fields. Turn off the monitor, put my usb stick into the monitor. When the display is powered up I have the correct farms and fields list showing up, but every field that is supposed to have variety locator layers with it show as 0 Varieties.

Planter data is from a pro700 monitor running all red equipement, being processed through farmworks, and being kicked out to a pro700 monitor in a red combine. What am I doing wrong?


Variety Tracking

DanAugust 29, 2017 02:36PM

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