May 18, 2017 12:18PM
Merging multiple field boundaries into one large field:

1. Created a new Field Name
2. Displayed the Farm Map. Selected desired fields, right click and copy.
3. Right click on New Field Name and selected Edit Boundaries.
4. Mapping screen right click and paste addition.
5. Option 1:Use the Include Polygon Tool and trace around the lines inside field splitting the map so becomes one big map.
Option 2: If you have the lines showing in between the new large map, hold down on the CTRL key and left click on two polygons that touch each other, right click and select Merge or Merge polygons. Repeat until map shows as one solid map with no lines. If not getting this to work then use Option 1.
6. Click the Save and Close

Splitting Field Boundaries:

1. Create new field names.
2. Displayed original map for the one large field. From Mapping screen, right click on the first new field map and select Copy.
3. Go to Tree View Listing, right click on new field name and select Edit boundaries.
4. From Mapping screen - right click and select Paste Addition. Click Save and Close. Repeat this process for the second new field. Right click on the second new field name and select Edit Boundaries again.
5. Then use the Exclude polygon tool and trace around the unwanted field map (belonging to field one), right click and finish. Save and close.
6. Right click on first new field name and select Edit boundaries. Right click on the mapping screen and select Paste Subtraction. Click Save and Close.


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merging and splitting fields

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