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Yield Map Variety

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March 23, 2017 07:14PM

I just finished importing yield maps from a Yield Sense 20/20 monitor. In the past, we were using a CaseIH Pro700 yield monitor. One of the things that I would find very useful would be that the harvested variety was associated with the yield map. I know that the data is in the file somewhere because other companies are able to determine the variety with just the yield data file. Side by side variety information is easier to evaluate when I can use the Show Me button to show only a certain variety. I can then select the passes I want to evaluate easily and then use the Information tab to check the average yield and moisture etc.

Another thought to consider that would also accomplish the above would be the ability to merge an polygon/area data item from another map into a point map such as a yield map as another column. For example, I would designate my yield map as my base map and I would select a soil type area/polygon data item from the supplementing soil type map. The process would then look at each yield point, then determine what soil type that the yield point is located in, and then add that soil type info to the yield map as an addition data item for each point. This process could be used with any area/polygon map such as a fertilizer vr zone map, fertilizer product map, field zone map, pH map, variety map, etc. This process would then let me add varieties to my yield map by designating the yield map and the variety map that already exist.

The benefit is again that I can use the Show Me button to filter each yield map to show only the yield data for a particular zone, soil type, variety, etc. This process is very fast if the column exists within the yield map. I can then select all of the visible yield points and determine the average yield for that zone, soil type, etc. With added columns for both variety and soil type, I could start determining if certain varieties perform better on certain soil types by using the filtering ability.

I would think that this should be fairly straight forward for the software to accomplish because there is already similar processes built in with the create a view using the area option or to run the yield by variety report. These functions would seem to require a similar algorithm to what I am seeking.

Thank you.

Yield Map Variety

Marty VistoMarch 23, 2017 07:14PM

Re: Yield Map Variety

Kathy ClineMarch 24, 2017 03:46PM

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