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Using two computers

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February 12, 2017 03:55PM
We have farmworks on two computers now and both of us are working on prescription maps to speed up the process. That seemed like a good idea at first until we wanted to save each of our own work back to each computer. The idea was to keep using the same project. Is there a way of doing this without erasing work already done on one computer. It would be nice if Farmworks had a save button other than using backup or restore. It could be used the same way you would update software without losing all your data. This way it would just add new data to current data. Could this be even possible to achieve in this program in the future? If there is a simple way to get around this, I'm sure not seeing it. I'm open to suggestions!! Thanks

Using two computers

Mark WFebruary 12, 2017 03:55PM

Re: Using two computers

Kathy ClineFebruary 13, 2017 01:41PM

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