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Re: Correcting Yield Data

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January 21, 2017 11:18AM
We are waiting for a version 2017 fix.

When we enter our fmx 2016 data our 2014 reports changed which were already printed in 2014 for quantity yields entered in the job with correct scale tickets numbers for harvest quantity in 2014 . They are aware of the issue and are sharing with us that there is a fix for this issue. So I am in contact with Farmworks and will be trying to get an updated 17 version to test and see how it is corrected early next week. I have not used a 17 version yet due to the items they have worked on.

We imported our 2016 fmx data from a version 9.26 (fmx). Loads that the Fmx button created during harvest in the field show up in our scale ticket button under job properties and are already populated in the scale ticket area in the jobs, but our loads are not scale tickets.

The total quantity column will not allow us to change the numbers and then when we enter data into the columns it shows us info for load 1 multiple times, and load 2 multiple times etc ... We would prefer a report with ONE total for a load that relates to the load /region that shows up on the region area on the map. When we merge data we lose the regions on maps in the accounting program.

If we were able to use the scale ticket area, we would want scale ticket report instead of load info. There is a lot of deletion involved and we are not able to get a totals page for scale tickets in the report that gives a complete total to verify with the elevator.

So we went back to an excel spreadsheet.

Do you have the loads import from the fmx into your job property? In the region area?

Case and John Deere do not add loads to the jobs under the scale ticket button during import of harvest data. Their scale ticket button is clear for entries in the job.

Hope this helps Just let me know if you have more questions and we can help. I will let you know more when I get the new version with the harvest reports.


Correcting Yield Data

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Re: Correcting Yield Data

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Re: Correcting Yield Data

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Re: Correcting Yield Data

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Re: Correcting Yield Data

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