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December 09, 2016 06:59AM
I am using version 2014.09.36 and am have a problem with Auto Draw with yield maps. Not one yield map that I have tried to Auto Draw has worked. I open the the 2016 soybean yield map on the screen. I then right click "soybeans 2016" and click edit boundary. I then click on the "Auto Draw" . I then click "OK" after leaving all the selections in the drop down box the same. I then get the little window showing the percent completed. In every case the program locks up and I get "Office.exe has stopped working. Windows is collecting more information,etc." It dosent mater whether it is a big field with a lot of edges or a small field. A small field may get all the way to 100% complete before locking up while a big field may only get through a percentage.
Thank you

Auto Draw

HowardHartDecember 09, 2016 06:59AM

Re: Auto Draw

Kathy ClineDecember 09, 2016 07:54AM

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