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September 26, 2016 04:11PM
Are you wanting to merge the soil data layers and the VRA Maps or just move those into a new field location?

To merge fields follow these steps:

1. Create the new field name for the combo of 4 fields.
2. Highlight the Farm Name that holds all these fields.
3. Go to the Mapping screen. Hold down on the CTRL key and left click on each field map.
4. Right click and select Copy.
5. From the Red Barn Tab, right click on the New field name and select Edit boundaries.
6. Back on the mapping screen, right click and select Paste Addition.
7. Click Save and Close

Can also move the old field names to the Unassigned Client/and Farm.
Right click on the first old field name and select Properties.
Change the Client and Farm Boxes at the bottom to Unassigned. Click OK
Repeat until all four old fields have been moved.

Moving background layers to a new field location:

1. Go to field name with background layer under the red barn tab.
2. Right click on the layer name and select Properties.
3. When the Layer Properties displays, click the Select button
4. Open the correct Client/Farm and select the New Field Name from above. Click OK.
5. This will then display the correct Client/Farm/Field name. Click OK.


Kathy Cline,
Trimble Ag Software Support
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Merge Fields

kfullerSeptember 26, 2016 01:47PM

Re: Merge Fields

Kathy ClineSeptember 26, 2016 04:11PM

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