September 11, 2016 04:15PM
I updated to version 2016.02.00.57, I have been trying to print the map booklet but it will only print my seeding rates and coverage for one variety. In a field where i changed varieties, it wont print a page for the second variety. In the map views, the both varieties are there, i just have to change the sensor view. How can i fix this? I really like how it prints out my max, min, and average populations since I variable rate plant.


map booklet printing

KAfarmsSeptember 11, 2016 04:15PM

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Kathy ClineSeptember 12, 2016 10:02AM

Re: map booklet printing

KAfarmsSeptember 12, 2016 06:05PM

Re: map booklet printing

Kathy ClineSeptember 14, 2016 08:01AM

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