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Pix4D GeoTIFF Import

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June 08, 2016 07:57AM
Hey Guys,

we used Pix4D to create from ~1000 images a big Orthofoto. The Output Tiff file in Pix4D is around 4,5GB.. We could not get that in to Farmworks what is no big surprise. So we tried a few things like compressing the Tiff into a JPG but the outcome was that Farmworks crash if we load the 80 - 120 mb JPG in the Software...

Downscaling the Tiff File with gdal was not success at all, even with gdal_translate we could not get a jpg to load in to FarmWorks. We want to have the GEO informations form Pix4D because they are pretty accurate!

If we compress the JPG files to a nearly not usable scale (15mb) we could load that JPG in. But we had no GEO ref points. Then we set the GEO points and tried to referencing our image, it turns out that after we set 3 Points the Software calibrates and the screen goes full white.

Is there a way to get a Big GeoTiff with around 5gb easy in FarmWorks? Our computer hardware is good enough to handle the load.

If you got any ideas or solutions please let us know


Pix4D GeoTIFF Import

gerritgJune 08, 2016 07:57AM

Re: Pix4D GeoTIFF Import

Kathy ClineJune 08, 2016 01:04PM

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