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Altering an Application Map manually during creation of it

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March 17, 2015 09:29AM
Scenario: I'm preparing to make some VRA maps, and am creating lime application maps. The grower I am doing this for does not want to go above a certain rate of lime this spring.

What I've done: I created a column in the soil data for "Lime" and calculated the lime rate for a target pH we are after, not what the lab necessarily dictated. I created a contour map of that variable (lime) and talked to the grower about it. Now I'm making Application maps.

What I'm doing: I click on the contoured layer I created > right-click > create application which brings up a contoured map with a legend ready to be edited. The increment between isolines is 500 lbs. So, let's say the grower wants to keep his max lime rate at 3000 lbs. I am editing the number next to the color. Thus, any number in that legend over 3000 is getting changed to 3000. For example, I had a map that went to 4500 lbs. I changed the 4500, 4000, and 3500 parts of the legend to 3000. When I click save, those parts of the legend disappear, the colors on the map indicate that my max is 3000, but the old contour lines remain. (which is fine IF the resulting data is fine.

Just nervous this first time around. I don't want to a) leave a truck hanging while I have to correct maps and b) spread too much lime!

Altering an Application Map manually during creation of it

meijeragMarch 17, 2015 09:29AM

Re: Altering an Application Map manually during creation of it

Kathy ClineMarch 17, 2015 11:52AM

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