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Problems importing soil tests

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December 11, 2013 05:32PM
I'm running windows vista. FW 2013.09.557
Trying to load soil test results (csv format) through read job data. Everything works fine in the import window & I press "ok" to go to the Farming window. I fill out everything there & press "ok" and then it adds the Crop to the tree on the original screen, but bounces me back to an open import window.
I can see the sample data in the import window, but it won't close until I push "cancel". There is nothing in the Crop layer except the Enterprise Summary.
I tried to load in a new test project & everything worked fine there.
What does this mean for my original project and what do I do from here?

Problems importing soil tests

cropreconDecember 11, 2013 05:32PM

Re: Problems importing soil tests

Kathy ClineDecember 12, 2013 08:03AM

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