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October 31, 2013 10:30AM
Within the AFS Pro monitors, Tasks = Jobs, within the FW software.

So if you create a Task for variety A and harvest a portion of the field, change your Task to variety B and harvest another portion of the field, then change Task back to variety A for another portion of the field, both areas of variety A will be comingled in the same job.

Your best option would be to use the Tag window for different areas of the field.

Within the the AFS Pro monitor, Tag = Region, within the FW software.

Everytime you change a Tag(region) you should also be creating a new Task(job). But you can have multiple Tags under a Task.

I have found that I rely on the Tag to differentiate areas, whether it is different varieties, different storage locations, etc.

I tend to create a new Task(job) for each field, and I use the default name for the Task as it is a date and time stamp. Your Client , Farm, Field has already been entered in previous boxes. I will also create a new Task for a different day, within the same field, if need be.
Your Operational Instance should have been already selected in a previous box as well, Harvest.

Creating a new Tag(region) gives you the seperation you are looking for. I use Tags to differentiate my storage locations within the same field. Or different loads, especially calibration loads.

I do not deal with different varieties within the same field as you back east do. But I think the Tag(region) is what you are looking for to get your seperation.

Hopefully helpful,


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