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Importing Maps without Resources.

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June 05, 2012 03:45PM

I would like to be able to import and view a map from a field monitor into Farmworks without the import process messing with my products and inventories. I do not use the "variety" feature of the field monitors for just varieties. I use this feature to tell me that there is a side-by-side difference in this location and that it might be variety, or fertilizer, or a different population, or a different fertilizer rate, etc. We do this so that the data is automatically tracked in the yield monitor and is placed in separate loads to make it easy to determine which management practice is better. But Farmworks insists on when importing the job, that it must set up all of these redundant varieties in my supplies list and then messes around with my inventories, etc. I use Mobile for these types of inventory field maps.

So all I want to do is import the map. Currently I have to use SMS to import the map so I can export the map as a shape file so I can import the map into Farmworks and not have the program horse around with all of the redundant supply issues. Can't we have a checkbox on the import dialog box to "Import Map without Resources" that is similar to the generic shape file import process?


Importing Maps without Resources.

Marty VistoJune 05, 2012 03:45PM

Re: Importing Maps without Resources.

Kathy ClineJune 06, 2012 08:06AM

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