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Re: creating planting maps manually

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May 25, 2011 09:18AM

Here are some test I posted in another forum that may be of some help to you, using that buffer tool that Kurt is referring to. Let me know if needing more help.

1. Display the Boundary map for desired field.
2. Right click on the map and select Copy.
3. Right click on field name under red barn tab and select Add Layer - Add Area layer.
4. When the layer properties screen appears, type the desired layer description such as (Field Name - Spit Planter).
5. Click the Add button in lower right hand corner. This will add an attribute line. Type a desciption such as Acres. Select Size in the Type box. Click OK.
6. Double left click on the new layer number to display as top layer.
7. Click on the Edit Layer button.
8. Right click on the mapping screen and select Paste Addition. Click Save and close. This will display an exact copy of the Field boundary.
9. Then place both Seed Supply varieties into the Working Group box.
10. Go to the Layers Tab beneath the mapping screen. Open the Attribute called Size to view Base Data in the View Box. Right click on Base data and select Create Simple Application.
11. When the Planned Farming box appears select the correct Crop/Year Enterprise and click OK.
12. This will place you back into Map-Editing. Click onto the Buffer Tool and left click on one boundary line for the direction you will be planting (if the field is not a straight line you may need to hold down on the Ctrl key and continue to click on the rest of the boundary line until an entire side of the field is selected. Right click and select Buffer Polygon or Buffer All.
13. The size should be just one split planter section (not the entire planter width). The count should be how many buffer sections you need to cover the entire map (this can be a larger qty, then expected) but before you start you can use the measure tool to get the exact feet width of the field and divide by the planter section width to come up with a logical count. Click OK. Give the computer a little time to make this split map.
14. Once the split planter sections have been created you are ready to define the rates for each section by Variety. From the Upper left hand corner, the fist variety name will be displayed, you will want at least on rate for correct population and one for zero, use the + button to add more rows. Click on the select tool, hold down on the Ctrl key and left click on each section for this first rate, then click the color button to the desired rate. Repeat this process for each section Remembering to skip every other row (for the other variety). Just as a side note, if only using one rate select every other row and click the color button. Since each row still has the cross hatch pattern, you can then right click and select Invert seletion so now the other rows will be selected for the zero rate. While those same sections are selected, back over on the left click on the drop down list for the supply and chose the other variety, click that rates color button. Right click again and select Invert selection so the other sections become highlighted and click the Zero rate. This can be a little tricky, but can be done with practice.
15 You will notice that the View box under the mapping screen will show each variety as a different Attribute. Click Save and Close Editing. Each Attribute will have its own legend.

Here is a link to another post on how to create Variety maps maually - you can simply add any desired Attributes you want for the same layer for the other data besides the seed supplies. Hope this helps also.

Variety maps - manually


Kathy Cline,
Trimble Ag Software Support
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creating planting maps manually

Curt McNaughtonMay 24, 2011 07:30PM

Re: creating planting maps manually

Kathy ClineMay 25, 2011 09:18AM

Re: creating planting maps manually

Kurt M Van NessMay 25, 2011 08:37AM

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