December 01, 2010 12:30PM
There is more information in the monitor than I can shake a stick at. The screen can be set up for numerous operators and one can select anyone of them. The combine and head are selected also since it uses that information for running functions of the combine and head and also auto steering, so all data collected is specific to those items. The same occurs when I transfer the monitor to my MX210, the data collected is specific to that tractor.

Data collected ranges from field averages/specifics to road time to engine data, etc.. What I do now is write the information on paper that I want to keep since I know the vast majority doesn't transfer, like field averages/specifics and engine data. I plan on looking into the office software that CIH provides to see if the cost of it is worth the additional information that is retained.

This is the first monitor that I've used on any equipment, so I can't compare it to anything else, but I really like what it can do and would encourage anyone thinking about upgrading to look at the Pro 600.

Pro 600 monitor

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