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November 23, 2009 12:33PM

Not sure what I did incorrectly, but I'll try it again. I'm using version 2008.12.373 Farm Works and version CNH Voyager 2.

When I click on the Read Job Data tab and highlight CNH Voyager 2 Grain Yield a screen with numerous topics is displayed; name, task, farm, field, crop, start time, acres, log name and season. The start time and acres differ from what is listed to what shows up in the related job in FW. For example, in Voyager 2 Grain Yield, my field #281 has start times of 2:48 pm and 4:23 pm with acres listed as 17.75 and 37.82, respectively. When the file is downloaded into FW and becomes a job, the start times are 8:48 am and 10:23 am and acres as 17.72 and 37.76, respectively. The time is advanced 6 hours and the acres reduced ever so slightly. Another problem that arises is the yield is double what it should be.

I brought this topic up before in a Trac discussion on 10/29 but didn't have much experience with any of this and now I see there are differences between the data from CNH Voyager2 and how Farm Works receives it. I can work around these problems, but it seems that it is just a matter of data transferring correctly. Is this a CNH or FW problem, or both?

On my monitor in the combine, there are 2 pages of summaries for the harvested field(s) which includes averages for yield and moisture, fuel consumed, time consumed, etc. I know this data is present, but it is just not transferred into FW and would guess that the only way to retrieve it is through CNH software, correct? Is it possible to obtain some of this data in the future through FW?


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