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August 05, 2008 12:36PM

I am at a loss as to what is happening, or has happened.

These farm/ field boundaries were supposedly imported ( or converted) from the old version to the present. I haven't done any work with these farm/ fields for a number of years due to them being CRP dryland. The farm/ field boundaries appear on the map as they should when my program opens up as this is the default view.

Evidently they are just lines and not actual boundaries.

Importing boundaries is an option when right clicking on the field in the tree view on the left, resulting in a window which asks if I really want to change boundaries as there are enterprises associated with it.

If I right click on the field ( in the map tab), I have these options; Invert selection, Register point, Get Terra server image, Copy.

I don't have any history (in the current project) with these farm/ fields due to the fact that I changed projects. I kept the farm/ fields maps in the new project just for this reason, due to probably farming these acres again someday (today).

It appears that I am going to have to reestablish field boundaries for these fields.

On the other side, the boundaries which where imported, (during syncing from the iPAQ of scouting jobs), I have associated these with the fields, they show up in the right place in the tree view on the left.
If I double click these boundary layers in the tree view to bring them up on the map tab, and right click on this boundary layer I still do not get the add label option. Also if I select Display Options and select Show text labels with the Acre option also selected, I still don't get any acre label to show.
The acres for this imported boundary layer are displayed in the legend box.

Thanks for any other thoughts and help,



Mitch KonenAugust 02, 2008 01:40AM

Re: Labels

Scott NusbaumAugust 04, 2008 09:14AM

Re: Labels

Mitch KonenAugust 05, 2008 12:36PM

Re: Labels

Scott NusbaumAugust 05, 2008 03:22PM

Re: Labels

Mitch KonenAugust 06, 2008 07:46AM

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