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Farm Site Mobile,computer to slow

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January 29, 1998 12:00AM
First of all, laptops generally operate about 25 percent slower than a comparable (cpu/ram) desktop. This is an inherent problem in motherboard design. I have a Pentium 133 processor in a laptop with 16 MB of Ram. Benchmark tests show it performs like a Pentium 90 desktop. In actual usage it performs like my 486/100 desktop with 8 MB of ram. (and compared to my 686/200 with 32MB of ram it is a real dog)

Also, 4 meg of ram is the advertised minimum requirement for Windows 3.1. Experience has shown one should double the amount of minimum required ram for acceptable performance (i.e., 8 MB for Windows 3.1 and 16 MB for Windows 95). Increasing ram is probably the cheapest way to improve performance.

There are other factors which can affect your laptops performance. Hard drive speed and access times (which you can't do much about) and fragmentation of files on the drive (which you can fix with defrag) to name a couple.

I'm afraid this doesn't do much to solve your problem.

Farm Site Mobile,computer to slow

Steve January 28, 1998 12:00AM

Farm Site Mobile,computer to slow

Jim Smithheisler January 29, 1998 12:00AM

Farm Site Mobile,computer to slow

Ron Parker January 28, 1998 12:00AM

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