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Using Geo & Field Marker data

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To create a layer for yield and geo-marker/field marker data:
1. When you import the yield data and are in the Client Layer box, select Layer from the New menu to create a new layer.

2. The Edit Layer box will appear with most of the information already filled out. You can change the Layer Name and Category that the layer will be added under.

3. The layer will already be set up with the data items that are in most yield files. This will include:
- Yield (dry)
- Moisture
- Field
- Elevation
- Wet Yield
- Mass
- Swath Width
- Distance
- Loads

4. If your yield data includes Flag Data then click on the Add button to add a data item for each type of flag data that was collected. For each of these items enter a Description (this will be whatever that marker was used for such as "Broken Tile," "Rocks" or "Weeds"). Be sure to select "Yes/No" for the Type.

5. Select the OK button and the layer will be created for you. You can then select the layer in the Layers box.

6. When you import the data the Import Yield Data Markers box will appear. This box will list a row for each of the markers that is available with your yield monitor (they will be labeled as Button A through Button D). Select the Data Item that you set up in Step#4 above for each button. If some of the buttons are not being used select <Ignore> for the Data Item(s).

7. After you have imported and displayed the map you can display points that have certain markers on with the Show Me tool. Click on the Show Me button then click in the "Use" column for each marker that you want displayed. Click on the Edit button for these markers and select "Yes". When you return to your map only the points that had the selected marker(s) on will be displayed. Note that you can change the legend to see yield, moisture, elevation, etc. for the points that were marked.

8. To return your map to displaying all points, click on the Show Me button again and select the Make All Data Visible button.

I hope this helps!
R. Scott Nusbaum
Farm Works Software

Using Flags from Goe-Marker

Randy Barga October 13, 1997 12:00AM

Using Geo & Field Marker data

R. Scott Nusbaum - Farm Works Software October 14, 1997 12:00AM

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