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Re: Using gridded views with external software

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October 06, 1997 12:00AM
Data tables from gridded views are the same as those from other point views. Grids are just points in a regular arrangement. This means that, for efficiency reasons, they are stored in a proprietary format. If you have the latest version of Farm Site, though, you'll see that you can now export those gridded views with generic export or as a shape file.

To perform calculations that require data from two or more layers, you need to get the grids perfectly aligned. This can often be done by using grid snap (the other grid tool, the one from Farm Trac) to start the grids at the same point when you average or smooth. You also must export lat/long and then link the records by lat/long within your database app.

This is why I want a tool that can create a new layer containing a grid whose values are derived from two or more other layers. Such a tool would allow you to create an aggregate layer for the kinds of calculations you are wanting to do, and could serve as the basis for the eventual inclusion of such calculations into Farm Site. It would have the added benefit of creating grids from area layers (rasterizing) which is not currently possible in Site.

If you've all followed this discussion this far, this is probably the perfect place to mention the advanced users' seminar scheduled to be held here in Hamilton in March. These seminars are usually somewhat informal question-and-answer sessions where we cover advanced topics like this one in excruciating detail. If there's enough interest among the participants in that seminar, I'll come out of my cave for an hour or so to talk about these things, and I can give some examples. For more info on classes, see the classes page.

Ron Parker
Software Engineer
Farm Works Software


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