September 22, 1997 12:00AM
To create a transparent background:
1. Go to the Edit Legend box. This will list the ranges or choices for the legend with the color for each to the right.
2. Click on a color. This will take you to the Pattern Selection box.
3. Select the desired Pattern and Pattern Color.
4. Click "Transparent Background" instead of selecting a Background Color. Click on the OK button.
5. Repeat this process for each range or choice in the legend.
6. Click on the OK button in the Edit Legend box. The layer will be displayed with patterns and a transparent background. When you put this layer on top of another layer you will see the patterns of the layer and the colors of any layers below it.

This option is useful for area layers such as Soil Type and Weed Problem layers. This allows you to overlay the layer on top of a layer such as yield to see if there is any correlation between the layers.

With regards to the price of the 5.11 update. The cost is $50 if you are currently on a version older than 5.0, or $25 if you are on version 5.0 or higher. Add $10 shipping and handling to both prices. In your case the cost of the update is $25 plus $10 shipping and handling. All updates include our new tutorial CD which replaces our videos.

The $300 price is for a new user purchasing Farm Site for the first time. Sorry for the confusion.

I hope this helps!

R. Scott Nusbaum
Farm Works Software

Transparent Background

Denny Amman September 21, 1997 12:00AM

Transparent Background

R. Scott Nusbaum - Farm Works Software September 22, 1997 12:00AM

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