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December 08, 1996 12:00AM

More long winded pie in the sky ideas for farmsite.

1. It would be nice to have access to legends created in all layers
besides just the current layer.

2. An Arc tool or the ability to designate a centerpoint for the circle tool
to aid in laying out corners of center pivot irrigated quarter sections.

3. Allowing the additional use of the show me tool on all data included in
advanced export of al2000 yield monitors then the ability to access the
new table of data points after editing items like moisture or swath for
selected points. The table then could be reimported to a new layer with the
corrected data. One could also apply price or expense against points to create
Gross income or net incoome per acre maps.

4.Along the same lines I encourage you to continue to develope the analyses tools
for comparison and analyses of mapped data. To that end consider allowing easier
access to data tables from which you create your maps. Also allowin the export to
csv or dbf. For polygons and maps (lines) how about dxf. or dlg. until the
SDTS is realized. Will this also be of any value to allow all GIS to communicate with
Compatable controlers??

5. High on my list would be ways to normalize yield for a known variable after.
_ That variable or bias has been identified. As +- 15% for previous crop or
variety. then display a new map to identify possible causes for additional
variability. Would it work to Average a yield layer by a variety layer identify
The differences between them and then normalize as a % of baseline yield?? Generate
a new layer and do the same across another known variable. etc.

Much of this could be achieved now if we could retrieve the data identified with
the new attributes of the polygon by which it whas averaged tied to those points
The apply whatever formula within a spreadsheet or database and import the new
data as a new layer.

From meeting you Ron and seeing your ray tracing I knew you needed some additional
Challenges ;)


Farm Site Features

Lyle VonSpreckelsen December 05, 1996 12:00AM

Re: Farm Site Features

Lyle VonSpreckelsen December 08, 1996 12:00AM

Re: Farm Site Features

Ron Parker - Farm Works Software December 09, 1996 12:00AM

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