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March 01, 1996 12:00AM
I am going into the 1996 with farm works an farm site for
the first time. I am really looking foward to it. I have been
playing with the new software for about two months now and I am
very happy with the software. I have some concerns about the accurcy
of the GPS I want to buy a hand held GPS receiver to mark differnt areas
in my fields. For under ground tile, wet spots, heavy salt spots ect.
The people I was buying the GPS receiver from said there could be different
readings for the same spot.(Up to 200 ft difference.) That is not what I was
hoping for. So if I mark an area with my GPS receiver using real world
cordinates is that mean I could be off as much as 200 feet north south
or what ever. Please help me with any sugestions or my misunderstanding.


Norm Nelson March 01, 1996 12:00AM


Farm Works Support March 01, 1996 12:00AM

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