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Re: Those confounding DLG files

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January 05, 1996 12:00AM
When the file is uncompressed, it is mostly text, except for a couple of
binary characters in the third record, but it doesn't have any newlines in
it, so it doesn't look very good in most editors or word processors.<p>

If the first few characters in the file are the quad name, then you downloaded
a standard format file. This is probably not your problem, since the name you
gave ends in ".opt.gz". <p>

If you download with FTP, rather than with your web browser, it is possible to
forget to set "binary" mode while downloading it, but then it rarely
uncompresses. You indicated in email that this is not the case, either.<p>

The only other possibility I can think of is that the DLG file you are working
with is either corrupted or has some property that we don't properly handle.
Whenever we can get it, we will get a copy of the file from the USGS and try
it out.<p>

Also, I'm curious as to why WinZip couldn't handle the .gz file. Versions of
WinZip since 5.6 are supposed to handle them.<p>

In any case, it looks like we need to have a look at that particular file and
see what's different about it. <p>

I just went back and looked at your original posting, and you mention that
Farm Site complained that it needed a DLG file. Site doesn't complain about
much of anything once you've specified a file, so did you mean that the import
box doesn't have the file you extracted in it? There was a problem with
earlier versions of Site that required files to end in ".dlg" to be
recognized. If Site doesn't show your file, you should try renaming it
in DOS or File Manager.<p>

Ron Parker
Software Engineer
Farm Works Software


Those confounding DLG files

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Re: Those confounding DLG files

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Re: Those confounding DLG files

Ron Parker January 05, 1996 12:00AM

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