September 29, 2013 05:13PM
I had this problem previously but did not get it resolved. After I have harvested an enterprise I go to record the sale under the accounting income and sales. I then go to the gray grain bin and select harvested crop sale. The crop year (example 2013 Wheat for instance) is okay, but the location always is the same no matter what enterprise I have harvested. It does not seem to matter if the crop is 2013 wheat or 2013 canola etc. the field location is always the same.

If I go to the harvested crop report it shows the amounts going to the same enterprise also. I have doubled checked to make sure I have harvested the correct enterprise and I have.

I cannot seem to find out where or why this is happening. Please help. Thanks.

Recording harvested crop

DpfarmSeptember 29, 2013 05:13PM

Re: Recording harvested crop

Kathy ClineSeptember 30, 2013 09:38AM

Re: Recording harvested crop

DpfarmSeptember 30, 2013 09:57AM

Re: Recording harvested crop

Kathy ClineSeptember 30, 2013 10:14AM

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