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May 07, 2013 02:24PM
The hand held needs to be connected to the computer running FW Office. From Fw Office open desired project with all the field names-inputs etc, you wish to see on iPAQ, select the File Menu and Synchronize Mobile. Select CE Device and from the drop down arrow - select CE Main Memory. Check to Upload Field Boundaries. Click on the Resource List button. Make sure all the Client/Farms/Fields you want are checked from the Farm/Field Tab. Also go to the Input Tab and make all those needed selections as well. Click OK when finished. Click OK at the Sync window to send this data to handheld unit. Once the Sync process has stated Synchronization has been completed successfully, open Mobile on handheld Unit. Go to the Config Tab (wrench tab). Open Resources and then Projects. Verify we see the TMSMData folder listed in the Data box. From the Project box, highlight matching project name from FW Office. Tap OK. Then you can check to make sure the Field names and other data are there by selecting the Field -Supplies or other item buttons to verify list names we had in FW Office are now on handheld.

Hope this helps!


Kathy Cline,
Trimble Ag Software Support
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