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October 11, 2010 11:19PM

Sorry to bombard you with request after request, but I have been getting ready for soil sampling, analysis, and prescriptions and thought of a few more.

1. Our soil laboratory has a unit of measure that does not exist in the software. It is mmho/cm, which is millimoles per centimeter for soluble salts. Is it possible to have a user defined unit that we could type in manually if no option exists and save this unit for the formula editor to recognize?

2. The ability to change the color scheme for prescription edits all at once similar to any other time in editing a layer. I usually just work around this by saving the prescription and then editing the legend.

3. The ability to select from more than one layer at a time at the same time.

4. The ability to give the user checkbox choices for advanced formula's. Example) I use the UNL nitrogen algorithm for corn. It is a normal equation, but it also has other options such as timing of application which has three choices associated with it and a previous crop for nitrogen credits. It would be similar to having an input number but with the ability to select: soybean, alfalfa, etc and that way there would be no way to misspell and mess up an algorithm. Basically would allow text to be used with checkboxes that have preloaded numeric values.

5. The ability to subtract or add to a completed formula in addition to the multiply feature. This would be useful for using one formula for a prescription for nitrogen, but subtracting the amount of nitrogen already applied to that field. This way only one formula is needed and each field that has different rates of N or other nutrient can be easily accommodated. Multiplying is a great feature already, but will not cover this type of accounting for each field.

6. The ability to remember the last view used under the barn tab if desired after closing the program and opening another time.

7. A calendar view of trac. I do not own Funds yet, but I saw screenshots of the calendar view. This is brilliant, and would be great for tracking and planning field operations for the Trac side of things.

8. The ability to change the theme of a layer and have that displayed immediately even if it is not the top layer at the time of creating the theme.

Thank you again for hearing my suggestions. I appreciate it.


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