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October 07, 2010 01:54PM
I'll add a few more that are probably more specific to my clients...

1. I don't use Stock, but have to create a crop called "pasture" to account for the feeding of my cattle during the summer months. We need an "Animal units per month" or "AUM's" Typical cow/calf unit is = 1 AMU (A yearling = .7 or .8 AMU). Then I can allocate the number of cow/calf pairs to a pasture and assign the pounds of food equivalent to 1 amu when I set up the crop enterprise.

(the next two are redundent, but I'll add them anyway...)
2. An "apply to animal group" so I can feed my animals the same way I farm a field

3. The ability to put grain from the field into more than one storage location. However, grain is often moved from location to location during the brief harvest season (ie.drying bin to storage big or bin to elevator, etc). It was suggested to me that one create a "bin" called "Corn harvest." (or whatever the crop is) ALL the grain from each field is just put there and then once harvest is over, the farmer has the ability to move the harvested crop to it's final destination. Sounds a bit archaic, but it would prevent a paper trail of where harvested grain is moved. It looks like there is less shuffling around of the grain if grain bins are ever "checked" by crop insurance/farm agencies.

4. In Funds: When I am in the check register view and I have open a Payment/purchase or income/sales box, I have the ability to do several transactions. When i hit the record button, I am given a "new" transaction box to start again, but my ending balance in the register doesn't change unless I exit out of each transaction. it would nice that when I record a transaction, the next item can be entered, but I will see the change in the check register. (I"m not sure if that makes any sense, but I think you can see what I'm saying)

5. Funds analysis feature. I have used FW for almost 10 years now. I would love to see how my overall profitability is growing/changing. I would like to run comparisons on specific income/expense catagories over a period of time (ie. how have rent expenses gone up? Are my overall assests growing or my liabilities growing? How much am i depending on gov't payments for my income?) i can do budget comparisons now (which are great) but it would be nice to see the "overall" picture in a more detailed fasion.

6. Many of my clients provide the interest rate when setting up new loans. Is it even possible to set up a loan with principal/interest automatically figured if I input the duration of the loan and interest rate?

Like Brian, I find FW is still the best option for farming software out there. No program is perfect, but it's been the most complete program around.

Autumn Hofer

Enhancement Requests

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