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Uninstall previous versions

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April 17, 2009 04:17PM
Is there an easy way to uninstall previous versions of FW? I was dragging my feet updating to X2 from 11.4 so I installed X2 into a different directory. Then I never made the switch to X2 and purchased 2009 and installed it into a different directory. I went to classes this winter and since have made the switch to 2009. I still have 11.4 and X2 installed. They show up in different folders when I go into my computer and my C:/ drive, but when I go to add/remove programs I have about seven listings for Farmworks all with the same icon (which isn't the case on my desktop; they are different). Five of them say they are the same size 163 mb and were last used today; one of the other two is 363 mb and last used on 6/23/08 and the second is 111mb last used on 6/23/08. I made the switch in February of this year so I don't know where the 6/23/08 date is coming from so I can't narrow it down that way and I would have thought the biggest size one would have been 2009 because I am running Site so that doesn't make much sense either unless the programmers condensed the size. I am just having trouble locating them in the add/remove programs area and didn't know if there was another way I could go about finding them and uninstalling.


Uninstall previous versions

kcsmomApril 17, 2009 04:17PM

Re: Uninstall previous versions

Kathy ClineApril 17, 2009 05:44PM

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