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Accented and foreign characters

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February 12, 1998 12:00AM
Billy noted below, in the posting in Spanish, that it's not possible to post accented and other non-English characters in this discussion group. I'm happy to report that that has now been corrected. Now, just type foreign characters as you normally would, and they'll show up in your postings correctly:

Ñ - hold ALT, type 0209 on the numeric keypad
ñ - hold ALT, type 0241 on the numeric keypad
á - hold ALT, type 0225 on the numeric keypad
é - hold ALT, type 0233 on the numeric keypad
í - hold ALT, type 0237 on the numeric keypad
ó - hold ALT, type 0243 on the numeric keypad
ú - hold ALT, type 0250 on the numeric keypad

Of course, those of you with non-American keyboards have a much easier time with this.
Other letters and symbols may be found by using the 'charmap' utility included with all versions of Windows.

Ron Parker
Farm Works Software


Accented and foreign characters

Ron Parker February 12, 1998 12:00AM

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