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Print problems, in Spanish

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February 10, 1998 12:00AM
Disclaimer: I do not claim to be an absolute authority in Spanish - English translations.

I attempted, to the best of my ability, to translate Jose's message. I had to take some liberties in the grammar and structures of his message. One should know that phrases will mean something different than it appears each word contained in the phrase would indicate. Therefore, some items in his message did not make sense to me. The brackets,[], are places where I took some liberties. But I think I got the basic gist of his request. Please do not blast me too bad for any major mistakes. ;-)

This is how I read it:

Hello, what is happening?

Thank you for reading this message.
I have problems in the printing of maps. When I want to do it, a yellow square appears on the screen. If I move the cursor to another geographical location, a red square appears and [over] the map that I want to print.
At the moment, I come [am] printing with the help of other programs, that they capture the [whole?] screen [and print it]. But I believe that this problem should have another solution, maybe the scale [is the problem], in short, I do not know. I will thank those who can help me, because I have a lot of work and I believe that it is not in the form of presenting [I want] it [in].

I thank you in advance.


Print problems, in Spanish

Jose A. Plano February 08, 1998 12:00AM

Print problems, in Spanish

Billy R. Cobb February 10, 1998 12:00AM

Print problems, Answer in English

Billy R. Cobb February 10, 1998 12:00AM

Print problems, in Spanish

Steve Holthouse February 10, 1998 12:00AM

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