September 30, 2015 04:41PM

Trimble Yuma (original)
Latest Version Farmworks Mobile
Older and newer Raven Phoenix 200 Receivers
Com Port 1, 19200 baud


I thought it was my old Raven 200 GPS receiver, but now I don't think so. The old receiver used to update position into FW Mobile 5 to 10 times per second depending on the serial cable coming out of the Raven. I noticed the other day that it was now only updating in Mobile once every 2 seconds or so. This is way too slow for my speed of field mapping. I had some power issues with the GPS unit, so I replaced it with a brand new Raven 200. The new unit is still updating at approximately 2 updates per second. Given this receiver is a 5 to 10 MHz receiver, it should be updating position in Mobile much faster (like it used to do).

In trying to diagnose, I borrowed another Trimble Yuma from a coworker (same model) and plugged it into my receiver. It's updating very fast like mine used to do. So we have the same hardware (GPS recieiver/Yuma) but he is using a slightly older version of Farmworks Mobile (2012 I think) where I am using the most updated version. The use internal GPS box is not checked. Com port 1, 19200 baud.

My question is if something changed in the newer version of Mobile that no longer allows the software to update position as fast as it used to. FYI - I lowered the logging interval in Mobile Configure settings as low as they can go and it is doing the same thing. Also, the two Mobile software versions attached to the same GPS receiver are updating very differently. So it has to be software. Not ruling out Windows OS, port settings, etc., but also am wondering if it's the new Mobile version causing this to act differently.

Thanks in advance!

GPS Update Rates Slow

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