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FieldStar II task controller data specifications

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September 16, 2014 12:35AM

I want to read the yield and moisture with my hobby built computer software from the FieldStar II system of our 2011 Massey 9895. Unfortunately the data format is not readable by eye and I need a specification to help me write the methods to read the data in.

Example: TLG00000.bin / syn files are straight binary files (very space efficient but incomprehensible)
TSK-1.bin is an ascii file containing comma separated tuples of 8 four digit numbers that might be negative.

Example: Row 4539 in mine is -1367,1365,-1367,1343,-1351,1346,-1355,1368

Surely there must be a whitepaper floating about that indicates how to read these data, because, and correct me if I'm wrong, but Farmworks isn't the only program out there that reads this stuff. If so, how do I get my hands on it?

This is the TaskData.xml.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

-<ISO11783_TaskData TaskControllerVersion="1.6.9" TaskControllerManufacturer="AGCO" ManagementSoftwareVersion="" ManagementSoftwareManufacturer="" DataTransferOrigin="2" VersionMinor="0" VersionMajor="1">

-<DVC G="FF565A03506E65" F="GPS " D="C0A0C8000CD63E9B" C="1.6.9" A="DVC-1">

<DET F="0" D="Device" C="1" A="DET-1" E="0" B="1000"/>

-<DET F="1000" D="Navigation Reference Point" C="7" A="DET-2" E="1" B="1001">

<DOR A="4000"/>

<DOR A="4001"/>

<DOR A="4002"/>


<DPT D="NRP X" C="0" A="4000" B="0086"/>

<DPT D="NRP Y" C="0" A="4001" B="0087"/>

<DPT D="NRP Z" C="0" A="4002" B="0088"/>


-<DVC G="FF000000406665" F="AC8_V26" D="A00E84000CCDDD3F" C="V3.07b40" A="DVC-2" E="12D01" B="C8_Combine">

-<DET F="0" D="Combine" C="1" A="DET-3" E="0" B="100">

<DOR A="200"/>

<DOR A="201"/>

<DOR A="202"/>

<DOR A="203"/>

<DOR A="204"/>

<DOR A="205"/>

<DOR A="206"/>

<DOR A="207"/>

<DOR A="208"/>

<DOR A="209"/>

<DOR A="210"/>

<DOR A="211"/>

<DOR A="212"/>

<DOR A="213"/>

<DOR A="214"/>

<DOR A="215"/>

<DOR A="216"/>

<DOR A="217"/>

<DOR A="218"/>

<DOR A="219"/>

<DOR A="220"/>

<DOR A="221"/>

<DOR A="222"/>

<DOR A="223"/>

<DOR A="224"/>

<DOR A="225"/>

<DOR A="226"/>

<DOR A="227"/>

<DOR A="228"/>

<DOR A="229"/>

<DOR A="230"/>

<DOR A="231"/>

<DOR A="232"/>

<DOR A="233"/>

<DOR A="234"/>

<DOR A="235"/>

<DOR A="236"/>

<DOR A="237"/>

<DOR A="238"/>

<DOR A="239"/>

<DOR A="240"/>

<DOR A="241"/>

<DOR A="242"/>

<DOR A="243"/>


<DPD F="403" D="11" C="1" A="200" E="Crop temperature" B="E100"/>

<DPD F="402" D="11" C="1" A="201" E="Yield sensor" B="E101"/>

<DPD F="415" D="11" C="1" A="202" E="Engine speed" B="E102"/>

<DPD F="403" D="11" C="1" A="203" E="Engine temperature" B="E103"/>

<DPD F="408" D="11" C="1" A="204" E="Fuel usage" B="E104"/>

<DPD F="419" D="11" C="1" A="205" E="Engine load" B="E105"/>

<DPD F="418" D="11" C="1" A="206" E="Concave clearance" B="E108"/>

<DPD F="415" D="11" C="1" A="207" E="Fan speed" B="E109"/>

<DPD F="418" D="11" C="1" A="208" E="Sieve clearance" B="E220"/>

<DPD F="418" D="11" C="1" A="209" E="Chaffer clearance" B="E221"/>

<DPD F="404" D="11" C="1" A="210" E="Delta grain" B="E10C"/>

<DPD F="405" D="11" C="1" A="211" E="Delta area" B="E10D"/>

<DPD F="406" D="11" C="1" A="212" E="Operating status" B="E10E"/>

<DPD F="407" D="11" C="1" A="213" E="Calibration constant" B="E10F"/>

<DPD F="409" D="11" C="1" A="214" E="Yield delay" B="E110"/>

<DPD F="409" D="11" C="1" A="215" E="Lead time" B="E111"/>

<DPD F="409" D="11" C="1" A="216" E="Lag time" B="E112"/>

<DPD F="409" D="11" C="1" A="217" E="Logging off delay" B="E113"/>

<DPD F="415" D="11" C="1" A="218" E="Elevator RPM" B="E116"/>

<DPD F="410" D="11" C="1" A="219" E="Wheel speed" B="E117"/>

<DPD F="410" D="11" C="1" A="220" E="GPS speed" B="E118"/>

<DPD F="411" D="11" C="1" A="221" E="Separator hours" B="E119"/>

<DPD F="402" D="11" C="1" A="222" E="Yield Sensor Zero Point" B="E11A"/>

<DPD F="412" D="11" C="1" A="223" E="Test weight" B="E11B"/>

<DPD F="413" D="11" C="1" A="224" E="Dry yield" B="E120"/>

<DPD F="403" D="11" C="1" A="225" E="Hydraulic oil temperature" B="E121"/>

<DPD F="411" D="11" C="1" A="226" E="Tachometer hours" B="E200"/>

<DPD F="417" D="8" C="1" A="227" E="Max Header width" B="0046"/>

<DPD F="417" D="11" C="1" A="228" E="Header width" B="0043"/>

<DPD F="417" D="11" C="1" A="229" E="Header Y offset" B="0087"/>

<DPD F="413" D="11" C="1" A="230" E="Display yield" B="0054"/>

<DPD F="414" D="11" C="1" A="231" E="Capacity" B="0057"/>

<DPD F="419" D="11" C="1" A="232" E="Moisture" B="0063"/>

<DPD F="406" D="11" C="1" A="233" E="In Work" B="E207"/>

<DPD F="421" D="11" C="1" A="234" E="Engine Oil Pressure" B="E202"/>

<DPD F="419" D="11" C="1" A="235" E="Grain bin average moisture" B="E11F"/>

<DPD F="411" D="17" C="3" A="236" E="Task Effective Time" B="0077"/>

<DPD F="420" D="17" C="3" A="237" E="Task total area" B="0074"/>

<DPD F="422" D="17" C="3" A="238" E="Task total grain" B="005A"/>

<DPD F="416" D="17" C="3" A="239" E="Task total dry grain" B="E114"/>

<DPD F="413" D="17" C="3" A="240" E="Task average yield" B="E11C"/>

<DPD F="414" D="17" C="3" A="241" E="Task average capacity" B="E11E"/>

<DPD F="419" D="17" C="3" A="242" E="Task average moisture" B="E11D"/>

<DPD F="406" D="31" C="0" A="243" E="DefaultDDI" B="DFFF"/>

<DVP D="2" C="0.00010000000" A="400" E="%" B="0"/>

<DVP D="0" C="1.00000000000" A="401" E="

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FieldStar II task controller data specifications

IsaacBolingerSeptember 16, 2014 12:35AM

Re: FieldStar II task controller data specifications

Scott NusbaumSeptember 16, 2014 08:23AM

Re: FieldStar II task controller data specifications

IsaacBolingerSeptember 16, 2014 11:45AM

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