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Re: Yuma 2 to collect GreenSeeker data

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February 28, 2014 07:23AM
I am finally getting back to thinking about upgrading from a Nomad to a Yuma 2 to collect GreenSeeker data and have some technical questions.

* I understand that there is an external GPS antenna available for the Yuma 2, but can the Yuma 2 also accept GPS input from a Trimble AG-132 antenna with an OmniStar L-band subscription? If so, does that require the use of one of the USB ports on the Yuma 2?

* Related to that question is the fact that with our existing Nomad, both the external GPS signal and the GreenSeeker data are transmitted through a single USB cable to the Nomad that originates from the GreenSeeker "USB to Serial Box". Does this data communication capability also exist when using the Yuma 2 to collect GreenSeeker data?

* Can the Yuma 2 be operated while connected to the vehicle charger or only while on battery power?

* Does the Yuma 2 store data (e.g., GreenSeeker data) only internally or does it have a slot for an external memory card (e.g., micro-SD card)?

---- Edit to orig msg ----

I should add that we use the GreenSeeker RT-200 system that uses its own Interface Module and USB to Serial Box for data communications.

RL (Bob) Nielsen
Purdue Univ
W. Lafayette, IN

Farmworks Office v2016.02.00.57
Mac OS X Yosemite v10.10.5
Parallels Desktop 11.2.1 for Mac
Running Win 7 32-bit

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Yuma 2 to collect GreenSeeker data

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Re: Yuma 2 to collect GreenSeeker data

RL (Bob) NielsenFebruary 28, 2014 07:23AM

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