May 31, 2012 11:37AM
I am having my nomad freeze up at random times it seems. While running in the field with guidemate on it will freeze on a white screen with a few random lines running vertically. When it does this there is no loss of the field job records, it restarts after I push the power button then mobile will start right back up and the job is in unfinished jobs file. Some times the date on the windows start up screen will be all the way back to 10/1/08 and i have to reset that but other times it doesn't loose the current date.

I worked with phone support the other day and did a hard reset and reinstalled farmworks mobile this does not seem to have fixed the issue. Any ideas what to try now?

Nomad freeze up

Daniel H. SmithMay 31, 2012 11:37AM

Re: Nomad freeze up

Deb HurrawMay 31, 2012 03:45PM

Re: Nomad freeze up

Daniel H. SmithMay 31, 2012 05:18PM

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