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September 22, 2011 12:12PM
I am kinda in the same situation about replacing my ipaq. I use it to record spraying data in my sprayer and would like to use it for soil testing. What I am looking for is
- Something that does not lose my mobile program if the battery goes dead so I don't have to reload everything.
- Has an built in gps for soil testing but also accepts gps input so in the sprayer I can hook it into existing gps unless it accepts an external antenna, I just don't want to lose signal in the cab
- Has more speed/power than my ipaq 2200 because it just about dies when I start mobile
-Has a good mounting system ie Ram
- Is more daylight readable than my ipaq

I have looked at the Juno and the Nomad, the Juno seems like it may be a bit underpowered and also I have heard you cannot feed external gps to it, will it use a external antenna?
The nomad seems like a good option just more money than I wanted to spend, can I but one from ebay etc and load farmworks on it or do you guys use a special model for farmworks?

Replacing Ipaq

Curt McNaughtonSeptember 22, 2011 12:12PM

Re: Replacing Ipaq

Kathy ClineSeptember 22, 2011 03:55PM

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