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June 01, 2011 01:59AM
Sounds like reception gets blocked by the tractor cab using the internal GPS or a CF receiver. I have found the only way to maintain good reception is to make sure there is no blockage of any kind to a southern sky. Therefore I have to use an external receiver. I am at 47+N.

My $.02 (1978 $$'s)


nomad gps

evanscmMay 24, 2011 09:05PM

Re: nomad gps

Kathy ClineMay 25, 2011 09:59AM

Re: nomad gps

Roger DuMondMay 27, 2011 07:39PM

Re: nomad gps

Scott NusbaumMay 31, 2011 04:45PM

Re: nomad gps

Mitch KonenJune 01, 2011 01:59AM

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